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Monkey Kicks

Kao Tze created the Monkey Style Kung Fu near the end of the Ching Dynasty, 1644-1911. History said that “Kao
Tze” spent hours everyday observing the monkeys in their natural habitat while he was imprison. For eight years he
carefully studied their behavior in different situations. After a couple of years he was able to distinguish the different
characteristics of individual monkeys. Kao Tze then combined the monkey’s fighting techniques and the “Tei Tong
style” of Kung Fu. Years later he handed down his new style of Kung Fu to his best friend’s son, “Ken Tak Hoi”,
who is also a master of “Pek War” Kung Fu. Ken Tak Hoi decided to add Pek War Kung Fu to Monkey Style Kung
Fu he learned from Kao Tze to improve the system even more. Today Monkey Style Kung Fu, also known as Tai
Shing Pekwar, is considered to be one of the most effective Kung Fu system ever devised.

Monkey Style Kung Fu is full of rolling, twirling, and sometimes playful movements encompassing hundreds of
deceiving strikes and techniques. One of the most important factor in Monkey Style Kung Fu is to be careful not to
telegraph the true intentions of the movements, rather cover it with feints and draw in the opponent using clever

Practitioners of Monkey Style Kung Fu uses open palm slaps, finger jabs, and hammer fist as their hand weapons.
The open palm slaps usually targets the groin, cheeks, throat, and even back of the skull. Finger jabs are used to
poke thru eyes and soft areas of the body to inflict pain. To break the nose and clavicles, hammer fists are used.
The elbow also comes into play as they set up close quarter combat.

Monkey High Kick

Leg attacks are also important in mastering the Monkey Style Kung Fu. The legs are trained to be as agile and quick
as the hands. Students of Monkey Style Kung Fu are trained to kick from close or distance quarters and from any
direction of attack. One of its famous kicks is the poking kick. It is used to hit vital areas like the groin, throat, or
inside of the knee. Monkey Style Kung Fu’s constantly changing footwork and ascending and descending stances
tend to lull its opponent into a state of momentary confusion and bewilderment. Fluid motion and blinding speed are
necessary to correctly execute the techniques of Monkey Style Kung Fu.

The Monkey Style Kung Fu principles are to be sly, tricky and unpredictable, be devilish and maintain the essence
of monkey, to learn destroy an opponent’s attack, and be poison to their opponent, attacking swiftly and deadly. Its
mental characteristics include sneakiness, deviousness, elusiveness, and destructiveness. To master this art one
must dedicate his time to training. The student of Monkey Style Kung Fu must have the patience and open mind for
it will take years to master this art.

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